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Total America Sports Home Gym

The Total America Sports Home Gym is a complete home gym. It can be set up in a short period of time and does not take up an exorbitant amount of space. It's almost impossible to define the "best" home gym because everyone does not want the same things in a home gym.

There are a couple of things that you should consider when buying a home gym system. Before you rush out to impulse buy the Total America Sports Home Gym, stop and assess your exercise needs. Are you actually going to use it? True, home gyms these days are not very expensive, so from a monetary point of view it's not a big deal. A home gym does, however, take up space and it can be a hassle to resell. Also, before starting any strenuous exercise program, make sure you have no medical conditions that would restrict the exercise routines that you're planning to do.

The Total America Sports Home Gym is flexible and easy to use and you can get a full body workout on it. It is one of the more cheaply priced gyms on the market but does not have some of the features of higher priced ones. If buying used, you should generally be able to find one locally for under $400. Less, if you're willing to shop around.

Total America Sports Home Gym - Prominent Features

Lat pulldown bar - the home gym includes a lat pulldown bar, chest press and leg curl, along with a chest-high cable for a variety of core-conditioning and dumbbell-type exercises

No bands. Resistance bands are an alternative to the cable pulley system. The total America sports home gym has no bands. It's all cable pulley system which lets you vary a number of exercises in your workout routine.

Leg Extension - for exercising your quadriceps and other leg muscles.

Benchpress. This includes a squat bar with a build in spotter.

Butterfly attachment to be used for butterfly exercises.

Rowing Bar, Ankle Strap, Handle Strap

In other words, the Total America Sports Home Gym comes with similar equipment to that of almost every other home gym on the market. It has nothing special to recommend it over the name brand gyms like Bowflex or Life Fitness. It also has no special sales advantage in the resell market.

As with any home gym equipment, before buying a Total America Sports Home Gym, try it out and check it out well. Many times, if you're buying used, the equipment may have been around for a while already. Some of the parts may be showing signs of wear and tear and be on the verge of falling apart. Look for signs of rusting, tearing and other defects in the equipment.

Home Gym Flooring
What type of home gym flooring is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking of investing in a home gym for yourself.

Home Gym Systems
In the past decade, the price of home gym systems have come down so much that they are affordable to most consumers. Their main problem may be finding a free room in their home in which to place it.

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