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As the cost of having your very own home gym continues to decrease, more and more people are considering this option instead of a monthly club membership .

If you want to lose weight the good old fashioned way by diet and exercise yet do not have the time to go to a gym regularly, a home gym might be a good idea to keep you on track. However there are some factors you need to consider before you shell out big bucks for state of the art home gym and end with some sort of regret.


While membership dues may seem like a hefty price to pay just to walk on a treadmill, they are not as much as it would cost to get a decent home gym in your basement. Further, if you decide for any reason that you can not keep up your membership, you can cancel and perhaps even get some money back if there a trial promotion period at the gym near your home. However, with equipment you re stuck for life and if there is something that you don't like or don't need, you don't have much of a choice especially after the initial trial period is over.

Even if you do buy from some cool internet offer or As Seen on TV commercial, you might have to end up paying for the return shipping and handling which can be pretty steep for heavy home gym equipment.


Anyone can go buy some home gym equipment but you ought to know how to use it to reap the maximum benefit. You might be doing some particular exercise too little, too much or just the wrong way. Ending up with a sports injury, over exertion or not seeing any results in weight or inch loss can be very de-motivating. While home gyms may be very convenient, the expertise a professional trainer can provide at a gym is unparalleled to standard DVDs. Personal trainers work with your body type and to achieve your goals and therefore can direct you on which machine to use, for how long and in what manner.


One element that home gyms do not provide is the social aspect of exercise and strength training. Chances are when you go to a gym; there are others there with similar goals like weight loss, heart trouble, hypertension or body building. Making friends with like minded people can be just the push you need to drag yourself to the gym everyday.

At home, you're not really paying dues every month and technically there is no accountability. You can be very motivated in the beginning only to find that your interest tapers off and you start taking days off for no good reason.

So unless you are very disciplined, your home gym equipment can be transformed in to very expensive clothes hangers or extra seating in your basement when company arrives!

Total America Sports Home Gym
The Total America Sports Home Gym is a complete home gym. It can be set up in a short period of time and does not take up an exorbitant amount of space.

Used Gym Equipment
A home gym sounds like a good idea. But after finding out the prices of some of the new pieces of equipment, used gym equipment suddenly starts to look good.

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