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If you have never strenuously exercised before, you may not be sure of the type of home gym exercises that you should attempt. Particularly because when it comes to the subject of home gym exercises, there are a great variety of exercises that can satisfy a wide variety of needs.

If you are looking for a low impact series of home gym exercises designed to help you burn off that muffin you had at lunch, there are a multitude of exercises that can help you achieve this goal goal.

Now, while many assume that if you work out at home you must be doing novice type exercises. This is a wildly inaccurate belief. In reality, there are numerous high intensity high impact exercises an athletic person can undertake in order to dramatically increase strength, endurance and explosiveness; and, of course, there is a wide open middle ground for those people already in shape but not at the level of a competitive athlete.

So, whatever your goals, needs and desires there exist a set of home gym exercises for you. Of course, before you can pick which exercises to perform you must clearly define your goals and those goals must be defined based upon an honest assessment of your current physical conditioning.

If you are 30 lbs overweight and have never exercised before in your life, purchasing a home gym is a good idea. However, opting to perform home gym exercises such as 5 sets of 10 reps of extremely heavy weights combined with 45 minutes of step exercises simply won't work. Yes, if you do perform such an exercise program seven days a week you would burn an enormous amount of calories and pack on muscle.

The problem is that you won't be able to perform those home gym exercises more than three days in a row before fatigue or, worse, injury puts you on the shelf. No person no matter how motivated can jump right into advanced exercise programs and be successful. Exercise is based on a progression. In other words, as your health and conditioning increases you will up the intensity of your home gym exercises. Jumping from level zero to level ten simply is mot realistic and is actually dangerous!

Probably the best gauge on how you should perform home gym exercises is to start slowly and at the proverbial bottom. Even if you have extensive experience, starting at a minor pace and adding on is the smarter move because the key is to develop into the proper exercise program to work on and then stick with that program to its completion. Jumping into failed overtraining routing, however, is not the wisest move to make.

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