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3 Tips To Getting Discount Fitness Equipment

The trick to getting discount fitness equipment is simply knowing where and when  to look for the bargains.

If you have a choice between good quality and cheap quality fitness equipment, you want to always go with the good quality. A good workout can stress even a good quality machine, and it can absolutely ruin a poor quality machine. You want exercise equipment that will last. The problem is that good quality fitness equipment can be incredibly expensive. If you're not rolling in the cash, you have two options. Buy used fitness equipment or get discount fitness equipment.

Getting Discount Exercise Equipment - 3 Tips

1) Buy an older or closeout model - If you can wait until the end of the year to shop, this is typically when the new models will come out. This is also the perfect time to get a discount on the older model fitness equipment.

Remember, the newer model is not necessarily an improvement over the old, and it may even be of less quality. And the new models will normally have a few extra non-essential features on them that you can easily do without.

As for the older models, the store owners/managers will be anxious to get them off the floor and will be happy to give you a discount to take it off their hands.

2) Be willing to negotiate - bargaining is a natural state of affairs in many countries. But, most of us who have grown up in the U.S. are not good at bargaining because we haven't had the practice.

People who are natural barterers will have no trouble getting discount fitness equipment year 'round. All stores want to sell their merchandise at full price, but nearly all are wiling to make a deal and get something rather than make no deal and get nothing.

To be successful at negotiating, however, requires - a) that you realize and believe that everything is negotiable and b) that you be ready and willing to walk away from the deal if you don't feel that it's good for you.

3) Ask the store to match an online price - Many stores, in recent years, have advertised that they'll match any competitor's price for a particular model. Unknown to many consumers, however, is that many stores have an "unofficial" policy of matching the prices of Internet ads also.

If you find the perfect piece of exercise equipment online at a really good price, you can print out the web page (and the URL in case they want to look it up themselves), present it to them, and ask them if they will match that price. Many will match it with no problem. But even the ones that aren't willing to match it will often be able to give you a discount on their current selling price.

By following the above tips, you'll see that getting discount gym equipment or discount fitness equipment is not difficult if you know what you want and are willing to do a little work.

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